The Effects of the Dorn Therapy seen on a Computer assisted EEG!

How important our Spine actually is can be seen at misaligned vertebrae causing not only Back Pain or Sciatica but also Migraines, Tooth aches and Tinnitus and other inner conditions like allergies, Immune deficiency or Cardio-Vascular problems.

With the Help of the computer assisted EEG could be proved that the Dorn Therapy indicated significant changes in the brain waves.

The division of the EEG in the classical frequencies 2-4hz (delta waves), 4-7hz (theta waves), 8-13hz (alpha waves = relaxation waves), 14-21hz (beta waves) is one of the possibilities to visualize the Information within the brain using the electrical activity.

For example at a Tinnitus patient a significant change in the wave picture in the alpha level (p>=0.05) was found after a successful Dorn Therapy, the so-called alpha peak was higher.

This change in the alpha level produced a decrease in the Tinnitus Intensity.

This was done on ten different Tinnitus patients and all indicated that they can relax more easily after the Therapy and the Ear sounds appear less disturbing.

(Done by Dr. Elmar Weiler and Dr. Klaus Brill at the Institute for Brain Research in St. Wendel, Germany)

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